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Samsung UE40 C7000 Goes On Sale For £1799 At John Lewis

John Lewis has started selling the Samsung UE40 C7000, the first LCD 3D television to be available to the general public, for a mere £1799 with a free five year guarantee.

At the time of writing there were only two left online but you should be able to grab one for yourself from the retailer's stores across the country (ed : it's only a 40-inch model)

The C7000 uses active 3D technology which means that you will need additional glasses to enjoy the immersive experience of the third dimension. Samsung is bundling a copy of Dreamworks movie's Monsters Vs Aliens in glorious 3D as well.

Other than the capability to display 3D content, the UE40 C7000 is a fairly mundane display. It comes with a Freeview HD tuner, is less than 30mm thick, used LED-backlit technology and Samsung's own 200Mhz Motion Plus processing which reduces blur.

Interestingly, you will be able to record content in high definition (and potentially in 3D) via its USB port simply by plugging in a high speed USB memory drive.

That said, you will have to invest in additional hardware in order to fully enjoy 3D on the C7000. This includes Samsung 3D Active sunglasses which John Lewis sells for £149 for two and a 3D Blu-ray Disc Player like the Samsung BD-C6900, on sale for £349.

John Lewis is also giving away two pairs of 3D Active glasses when you purchase the LCD television and the Bluray player at the same time, all for £2148.

Our Comments

Interestingly, the Samsung PS50 C7000 might actually be a better bet altogether since it is not only significantly cheaper at £1264, bit is also much bigger with a 50-inch diagonal and in our humble opinion, has a much better finish.

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