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Apple 100-year Old Fan Writes Poem About iPad

While people in the US continue to debate on the fact that whether they like the Apple iPad or not, a 100-year old American woman has come out winning the debate in the favour of it, as Apple's iPad has enabled her to do what she enjoys the most, reading.

Mrs. Campbell, a resident of Lake Oswego, Ore, had to let go with her favourite pastimes, reading and writing owing to Glaucoma, a disease that made it tough for her, until she was introduced to Steve Jobs magical device.

Amazingly, the lady who comes from the times when even automobiles were hardly in use, has established her expertise on the latest gadget, deriving foremost pleasure in reading latest books available on web.

As a token of her love, our new web celebrity has posted a You Tube video attracting more than 100,000 views and has written an ode for her new toy:

"To this technology-ninny it's clear,

In my compromised 100th year,

That to read and to write

Are again within sight

Of this Apple iPad pioneer."

Our Comments

Let's hope that Steve Jobs finds it lyrical and inspiring enough to come up with something even more magical than Mrs. Campbell's new found love. Ever since one of her daughters presented her with an iPad, Mrs. Campbell has become a pro when it comes to using the device and an inspiration to the people of her age group.

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