Apple iPhone To Get Google Maps Navigation?

There are rumours pointing to the fact that Apple iPhone will get Google's free Maps application with turn by turn navigation, something that is likely to enrage Apple.

Google's Group Product Manager, Steve Lee, confirmed to Techradar that the software giant will be looking at other platforms in due course to expand its offerings.

He told the website that "We're always evaluating other platforms for Google Maps Navigation. Google Maps is the application that has the most breadth on other platforms - Windows Mobile, iPhone, J2ME phones, but Google Maps Navigation requires higher capabilities."

Techradar probed deeper to find out whether Apple will be using the Maps Navigation application. Lee said that Google is a close partner to Apple and but that they "can't comment on the ifs and whens [of any such deal]."

The tidbits come a few days after Google announced that Android-based devices in the UK will get the Maps application fairly soon, something that could potentially have a very negative impact on the sales of stand alone satellite navigation gadgets.

The problem of course for Google is that Apple tends to make money out of Apps and would gain absolutely nothing if it allows Google to pitch its free satnav solution.

The search giant would go on to tie adverts to the maps services and make money out of it, leaving Apple high and dry.

Our Comments

At the time of writing, four of the top 10 grossing apps on the App store are Satnav ones. The Tomtom apps sell for £55, £60 and £80 respectively, the Copilot, £27 and the NDrive retails for £10. As you can see, one Tomtom App on its own can be worth more than 150 59p applications.

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