Apple Looking To Launch iTravel Service

Patently Apple, the blog dedicated to discovering secret patents filed by Apple Inc., has revealed a new patent application filed by the iPod maker, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent indicates that after concert e-ticketing, the company is planning to enter the travel business.

According to the patent filing, the application, called iTravel, will allow users to 'Make Reservation', 'Retrieve Reservation', 'Review Reservation', 'Share Reservation', view the 'Check-in/Baggage Claim' and 'Identification.'

The patent filing also revealed that Apple is not only targeting the airline business, but will also allow users to make reservations on buses, hotels, car rentals, trains and cruises.

Sources have also confirmed that Apple is currently in talks with several major airline companies into introducing a ticket-less system.

The patent blog, which has revealed interesting Apple patents in the past, also reported that if Apple has its way, then soon people will be stashing their flight boarding passes onto their iPhones for the airport staff to scan it.

The application will also let users search for various flights going in and out off an airport and will provide assistance to the travellers in every step of their journey.

Our Comments

The identification option on iTravel will ask users to enter their passport Ids or license numbers in order to confirm that they are the same person they claim to be. Interestingly there were rumours that Google was on the tracks of a travel software company, ITA.

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