Bloglines enters second day of downtime

Bloglines looks set to lose users in droves after a prolonged downtime that has so far lasted for at least a day and possibly as long as 36 hours.

Anyone attempting to log in to the RSS feed reader service is currently presented with the over-familiar Bloglines 'plumber' message and a noticed that the site is down for “scheduled maintenance”.

This doesn't seem to be cutting it with many customers, who are promising to leave the free site just as soon as they can get in to export their feed data.

Bloglines was founded in 2003, just as blogging was taking off in a big way.

It was sold to InterActive Corp in early 2005 and later that year was voted Best Blog/Feed Search Engine at the Search Engine Watch Awards.

In October 2005, Google launched its own, more innovative, Google Reader and promptly started eating Bloglines' lunch.

The site has had a public beta of an improved Ajax-style service running live in parallel with its regular service for the last three years. That's down too.

Judging from Twitter traffic this morning, the outage could be the final nail in the site's coffin. These tweets all appeared within the space of an hour:

"I'm sure there's a reason I didn't export my subscriptions from Bloglines before it bombed, I wonder what it is," - @pennybridged.

"Time to say goodbye, #bloglines. And time to start the annoying process of building my feeds list somewhere else," - @jrosehale.

"Come on bloglines. 36 hours without my rss feeder... I may need to transfer to google reader" - @plasticspam.

"I think it's going to be an awful quiet party around @Bloglines if it ever comes back online. #HelloGoogleReader," - @JuliusGoat.