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Facebook puts Microsoft Docs online

Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to deliver a cloud-based document sharing service.

Facebook boss, fat-walletted whippersnapper Mark Zuckerberg, announced Facebook Docs at the company's F8 developer conference this week.

The service allows users to upload their Microsoft Office docs through Facebook or add their own on the web site,

So far Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents are handled by the site - which in true Google style is still in 'beta'.

Users will soon be able to log in through their Facebook account, should they vain or daft enough to have one. The idea is to allow Facebookers to share documents with their fake friends.

The Facebook Docs service will be based on Microsoft's Office 2010 Web Apps suite, which is designed to compete directly with Google's Docs service.

Facebook currently has some 400 million users worldwide, many of whom are no doubt either dead or disillusioned.