First 3D TV hits UK shops

John Lewis has become the first high-street retailer to stock next generation 3D TVs.

The store which has a famous policy of being 'never knowingly undersold' will be quite safe in this case as no-one else in the UK has actually got their hands on the next-generation sets yet.

The posh store is currently selling a 40-inch Samsung model at its flagship stores in major cities for £1,800, but you'll need to find another £200 for a pair of bulky 'shuttered eye' glasses if you actually want to watch the thing do its 3D trickery. So if you have any friends and you want to invite them round to share the glorious 3D experience, it could start getting pretty expensive.

And what will you be able to watch with your two grand's worth of Korea's finest electronic trickery? Well... there's Monsters Vs Aliens and there's... oh, hang on. That's it.

That's right folks. There is currently just one Blu-ray 3D movie available legally in the UK - and it's not the good one.

Curry's and Comet reckon they'll start seeing stock of the Samsung sets in the next week or so and Panasonic will be elbowing its way into the 3D arena soon after that.

Sky HD+ boxes are already 3D equipped but mainstream programming isn't expected to start until September.

Some World Cup games are being filmed in 3D and will be broadcast on Sky Sports HD but you'll have to wish England through to at least the quarter final stages before you'll get the chance to see Rooney's lumpy potato head in all its 3D glory.