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ISP Debuts Website Classification System

Tibboh, a new internet service provider (ISP), has teamed up with British Board of Film Classification, in order to classify around 3 billion websites by putting film-style age restrictions on them, in an attempt to protect young kids from being exposed to inappropriate content on the internet.

The idea of giving film-style classification to websites was first proposed by Professor Tanya Byron in a government commissioned study report on ways to make internet safer for young kids.

Interestingly, the ISP has rated social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace at 12, which means that kids younger than the age of 12 will not be able to access the popular websites.

According to the ISP, every user will be provided with a separate log-in and password and the system will record the age of every user and enforce age restrictions accordingly.

Expressing his views on the measures to secure the internet for children undertaken by the ISP, David Miles, Director of the Family Online Safety Institute, told the Independent in a statement that “There's no doubt that parents are looking for a commonality between DVD or video game classification and the net and Tibboh should be commended for this.”

Our Comments

Pther than the fact that we don't necessarily approve of it, Tibboh is in our opinion one of the better services out there, one which costs only £20 per month with 10GB worth of data. Oh and it is a wireless one, which means that you don't need to pay BT for the line rental as well.

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