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Microsoft Clocks Record Quarter With 35 Percent Rise In Profits

Microsoft, the software maker responsible for the Xbox, has reported a hike 35 percent in its net profit, taking it total profit figure to $4.1 billion, during the latest quarter results of the financial year ending March 31st.

The company also reported a six percent hike in the revenue which is significantly higher when compared to revenue during the same period of the last fiscal year.

The software giant owes the hike to the increasing popularity in demand for Windows 7 , its latest PC operating system, which alone brought a jump of 28 percent in revenues in the business line coming from Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

Meanwhile, the industry giant has also reported a strong growth in its other services like, Bing Search, Xbox Live and the Cloud storage services which is still in its infant days.

Microsoft's impressive end-quarter results follow those of Intel and Apple, which were also successful in registering net profits and revenues, much higher than what the Wall Street Analysts had predicted.

Microsoft operating systems are believed to be running on nearly 90 percent of the computers worldwide and Windows 7 OS has helped the company in maintaining its pre-eminence in PC market even after the embarrassment that was Windows Vista.

Our Comments

Today, Windows 7 is run on nearly 10 percent of all the computers across the world and its demand continues to increase as Microsoft's trade customers are beginning to refresh and upgrade their systems, making it the fastest selling operating system in the history of Microsoft.

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