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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Details Leaked

Dutch website has leaked the confidential manufacturing details of Microsoft's Windows 7 mobile phone, which was announced by the software gaint at the Mobile World Congress in February 2010.

The Dutch website, which got its hand on the confidential Microsoft report titled “Achitecture Guide for Windows Phone OS 7.0”, revealed some very specific details of the Windows 7 smartphone's internal workings.

Some observers believe that they are mere speculations and that we won't be set until the first shipments of the smartphones are out.

According to the details available, the company is planning to the equip the Windows 7 smartphone with a multi-touch, 800x480 display, a "gesture interface", Bluetooth, WiFi and lots of RAM.

It is likely that there will be other strategic changes brought in to keep in tow with the successful iPhone and Android services.

Microsoft does apparently plan to launch a low-cost version of Windows Phone 7 quite soon, but it is unlikely lowest price is not going to be actually low.

The software giant, it seems, also has plans to encourage its users to sign up with Windows Live in order to use the Windows Phone 7 and run its personal phone system like Apple and Google.