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Virgin Media Rolls out new Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Virgin Media has announced that the company expects an increase in the level of customer satisfaction and cost cuts, after it deployed the Mobile Workforce Management system developed as a software-as-a-service by TOA Technologies.

The telecom service provider installed the sophisticated software system for more than 1000 Virgin Media field workers who are supposed to install and fix Virgin cable and broadband internet service in homes.

Commenting on the deployment of the software, Virgin Media chief customer and networks officer, Paul Buttery, said in a statement that “The system will improve customer experience and give us the scope to improve the working day of our technicians by giving them tighter routes with less travel time.”

The Mobile Workforce Management system deployed by the company is capable of analysing the previous performance, overlays skill sets, job history and customer proximity in order to determine the amount of time a particular Virgin Media worker will take for completing a task on hand.

According to the company, the system will also help Virgin Media field staff to develop workforce schedules at the start of a workday.

Field workers, on the other hand, will be able to notify normal day-to-day changes in the workday by sending messages like 'I've arrived', 'I've finished' and 'I'm leaving'.