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Asus offers holiday for registering kit

In a bid to encourage a bit of brand-loyalty among its UK user-base, tech conglomerate Asus is offering anyone who’s recently bought some Asus gear a chance to win a £500 holiday if they register their product’s serial number with the company.

If you’ve recently purchased some Asus goodies, then take your web browser over here, and type your serial number, along with the place of purchase, into the form. Your name will then be entered into a random lucky dip.

If you’re one of two lucky winners that are drawn at random out of the entries, then you get the choice of a £500 holiday voucher, or a £500 online e-tail voucher to snag yourself some more kit. The voucher can be used at Scan, Dabs, Aria, Amazon, Aria, MicroDirect, YoYoTech or Overclockers.

Of course, there is a slight catch, which is that you have to hand over your email address as well, but Asus assures us that it won’t abuse this by spamming your address into oblivion. By giving Asus your email address, you’ll be added to the mailing list for the company’s monthly newsletter, but Asus says that’s about it.

In order to qualify for the prize draw, you need to get your kit registered by 30 June, and the winners will be announced on 1 July.

Okay, so it’s a bit of a gimmick, we’ll grant you, but you've got nothing to lose if you’ve recently bought some Asus kit.