Google Nexus One Comes To Vodafone In April?

Vodafone published yesterday that they would be delivering Google's Nexus one smartphone by the end of April, which is exactly one week from now.

However for some reasons they have deleted "April" from their holding page.

Eurodroid wrote yesterday that the Nexus One would be coming in April although the Nexus one home page in the US still mentions Spring. Vodafone has not confirmed that this would be the case.

Nevertheless, Vodafone doesn't seem to be concerned about delays to the launch of Google's first smartphone.

There's actually a significant issue, one whose name is HTC Desire. As we wrote yesterday, the mobile phone operator is selling the HTC Desire via Twitter for a mere £15 per month with a fairly decent amount of minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB internet.

The Nexus One is also likely to face some serious competition from other Android smartphones like the Sony Ericsson X10. Expect the phone to be available on a 24 month contract for around £30 a month with unlimited internet.

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There are also reports that the Nexus One will be getting an upgrade via the Android 2.2 Froyo which will bring in an upgrade to 802.11n.

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