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Apple punter banned from buying iPad

A US gamer has been banned from buying iPads after reaching his lifetime limit.

Apple made it clear that it was limiting iPad purchases to two per person per day, but until now it hadn't let slip that it had a lifetime limit.

A NeoGaf forum moderator identified only by his Internet handle Protocol Snow decided to be all magnanimous and offer fellow forum members outside the US the chance to get their hands on the second coming of home computing before the Apple-dictated worldwide launch, which may or may not be in the next few months, depending when America gets bored with buying it at the rate of 500,000 a week.

Snow, as he's known to his friends, insists he wasn't just another eBay scalper unloading the desirable devices at a $150 mark-up for profit. So how much was he asking for a £500 iPad?

$630 to be exact. What a hero.

You can read the whole sorry tale here.