Bookie taking bets on Street Fighter rumble

Online bookmaker Paddy Power is taking bets on the outcome of an upcoming Street Fighter IV competition.

The battle is being listed under 'Novelty Bets' alongside the possibility of alien invasion, and who will next date Cheryl Cole (shamed ex-England captain John Terry looks like a decent punt at 250/1).

Despite that, Paddy Power says: "Videogames are as much a legitimate sport as any other. We wanted to offer sports fans and games players the ultimate thrill by offering the chance to win big on the outcome of a Super Street Fighter IV competition. If it proves popular, we'll open further books on other videogame competitions."

The-Capcom sponsored rumble - which takes place on April 29th between favourite Ryan Hart (1/3) and apparent underdog Femi Adeboye (2/1) - will be streamed live on Paddy Power's web site.