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Is Free 20Mbps Broadband From Sky Any Good?

Sky just announced this morning that they are going to give 20Mbps internet access to all their customers with two offers on the table, a 2GB option for free and an uncapped monthly version for £7.50.

Obviously, the deal is aiming to get more new customers to join Sky and increase revenue Sky generates from other sources.

Getting users to buy other services even at a break-even price will make it more difficult for customers to leave the service, essentially making it significantly stickier to do so.

Sky currently sells its 20Mbps Broadband and talk package for £15 per month with an additional £11 a month for the line rental; that's £26 a month. Getting Sky Talk as well bring the price down to £21 and from the 1st of June, down to only £18.50 including line rental.

BT's cheapest Talk and Surf offer comes in at £7.49 per month for the first three months and £14.49 afterwards while getting unlimited calls and unlimited usage will cost you an additional £13 per month.

Virgin Media will charge you £32 per month including line rental although there's no limit compared to the others.

Our Comments

You will need however to buy Sky TV to get the best prices or you will otherwise be charged £2.50 monthly as a broadband surcharge. Getting Sky TV, Sky broadband (unlimited) and Talk will cost you a minimum of £25.50 per month excluding line rental.

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