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Israel Lifts Ban On Apple iPad Devices

Apple afficionados residing in Israel breathed a sigh of relief after the country's Communication Ministry lifted the ban on Apple's iPad tablet computer.

This follows a technical review which established that the WiFi network of the device will not hamper the country's own network.

A few weeks ago, people entering the country with their new and shiny iPads, were informed that the Ministry had apparently banned the device and were asked to hand it over to the authorities.

The dejected iPad fans were told that the device will be handed back to them when they leave the country.

However now, after a comprehensive review report assembled by a select panel of researchers from the Communication Ministry, the government of Israel has lifted the ban on the device, allowing about ten iPad owners to be reunited with the device.

Commenting on the governments decision to lift the ban on the elusive device, Yechiel Shabi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Communications, said in a statement that “The scrutiny conducted by the Ministry technical team vis-à-vis Apple's team, international laboratory and European counterparts confirmed that the device which could be operated in various standards will be operated in Israel in accordance to the local standards.”