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NTT Docomo To Launch Mobile Phone Platform

Japan's largest mobile network service provider NTT Docomo has announced it will be teaming up with Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu and NEC to develop an all-new mobile phone operating system platform, compatible with Symbian and Linux OS.

According to a statement jointly released by the companies, the mobile phone OS will provide improved support for audio and video streaming, and will also be able to handle 3D graphics.

It's still unclear whether or not the platform will be compatible with Google's Android (ed : very likely especially since all have a common threat in sight - Apple and the iPhone).

The joint project should allow mobile phone makers to save time and resources that might have gone into developing their own separate OS, enabling them to commit more resources to improving hardware.

Hideaki Yokota, an analyst at Japan's MM Research Institute, told Reuters news agency: “This alliance should help Japanese makers absorb development costs. I believe this will be a success [in] the domestic market. But to make this work overseas they would likely need a strong overseas maker to participate."