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Paddy Power Taking Bets For Street Fighter Contest

British Bookmaker Paddy Power is the first mainstream one in the UK to take a so-called Novelty bet on a Street Fighter match that will pit Ryan Hart against Femi Adeboye.

The first one is currently favourite to win with 1/3 odds and Adeboye garnering a less favourable 2/1. The best of three match results bet still have Hart favourite to win by 2 to 0 with a 5/6 odds.

Finally the bookmaker says that the fastest knockout of the competition, closest to the full second is likely to be between 61 and 80 seconds. You can take try your chance here.

Paddy Power, it seems, recognises video games as a proper contest on par with more traditional ones like Football or Rugby. The Communications Director, who is also known as Paddy Power, said in a statement that "Videogames are as much a legitimate sport as any other. We wanted to offer sports fans and games players the ultimate thrill by offering the chance to win big on the outcome of a Super Street Fighter IV competition."

The event, known as the SSFIV "heavyweight championship match" will take place in London on the 29th of April at 7pm. It is unlikely to be broadcasted by anyone although we wonder whether Paddy will be offering the match online.

Our Comments

Taking a punt down the bookie is not something we're supposed to do and it is likely that Paddy Power is trying to wow a new audience, one that is more likely to place bets on the internet rather than down the bookie.

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