RIM Announces New Blackberry Pearl 9100 Smartphone

Canadian manufacturer RIM has announced the launch of the Blackberry Pearl 9100, an entry level 3G smartphone that sticks to a more traditional candy bar form factor.

The phone, which measures only 50mm wide and tips the scale at 93g, comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera with AF and flash, GPS, 802.11n WiFi and 256MB internal storage that is complemented by 32GB additional storage via a microSD card.

RIM has also managed to throw in a 2.2-inch screen capable of displaying 400x360 pixels (a weird 10:9 screen ratio) that's not only backlit but also comes with light sensing features.

Available in five different colours, the device will come with 14-key keyboard, a much faster 624MHz processor, an optical touchpad, Blackberry OS v5.0 and a talk-time of 5.5 hours.

Mike Lazaridis, RIM president and co-chief executive, said in a statement that "We think the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G addresses a substantial market opportunity, [as] It allows consumers to upgrade their traditional mobile phone to a full-featured, easy-to-use and fashionable 3G BlackBerry smartphone that supports BlackBerry Messenger and many other apps while maintaining a handset design and layout that is familiar and comfortable."

Our Comments

RIM has not disclosed any details with regards to when it will be actually shipped outside the US and at what price. The 9105 is set to replace the 8110 in the grand scheme of things and we believe that it will be a successful one if it comes at a good price.

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