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Sky Rolls out 20Mbps Broadband For Free

Sky said that it will offer only two broadband packages from June 1st as it becomes the first internet service provider to give free 20Mbps to its customers.

The 20Mbps free service, called Sky Everyday Lite, comes with a 2GB monthly usage allowance, once which will only satisfy very light users. It is available for those on Sky TV with Sky Talk for free, otherwise, it will cost an additional £5 per month.

The other one, Sky Unlimited, will also offer 20Mbps but without any usage caps, fair usage policies, traffic management. This means that the Everyday and Everytime option will be disappearing soon.

Sky Unlimited will be particularly attractive for those looking to make the most of Sky Player, Sky's video on demand service which is available for free to paying Sky customers. More about the offers here.

Sky has also thrown in six months worth of broadband with line rental and free calls when you take or stay with the satcaster. There's also a £25 Marks and Spencer's voucher thrown in when you join the service online.

Delia Bushell, Director of Broadband & Talk at Sky, took a dig at rivals in a statement, saying that "Unlike some other ISPs, Sky promises not to slow down the speed customers enjoy on its network at peak".

Our Comments

More competition for O2 and Virgin Media then, arguably two of the fastest ISPs out there. Sky already has a captured audience and it wouldn't take them as much marketing effort to get a sizable chunk to jump onboard and transfer their lines from competitors.

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