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Teenagers On Social Networks Coming Up With New Vocabulary

Researchers have revealed that teenagers on social networks such as Facebook and Bebo are using a new kind of slang hide their activities from parents and people outside their social groups.

The most popular slang used by teenagers in the study was "getting MWI" ("getting mad with it"), meaning that they were drunk.

Other widely used phrases were "taken" or "ownageeee", which are used let others know that you are in a relationship. "Ridneck'", is used to describe being embarrassed about an incident.

University of Stirling researcher Lisa Whitaker studied 16 to 18-year-old Bebo users in Scotland. Commenting on the emergence of new slang, she told the Daily Telegraph: "Young people often distort the languages they use by making the

pages difficult for those unfamiliar with the distortions and colloquialisms. This is not just bad spelling, which would suggest literacy issues, but a deliberate attempt to creatively misspell words."

The study, which will be presented at a seminar for the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data and Methods in Cardiff, also reveals that young social networking fans use slang to hide their smoking and drinking habits from their parents.