Unknown iPod Touch Devices Appear On Ebay

Only days after the alleged theft of Apple's top-secret iPhone 4G, a pair of never-before-seen iPod Touch music players, marked 'DVT-1 and DVT-2', have found their way on online auction site eBay.

According to Apple related news blog 9 To 5 the two devices were equipped with cameras and 'SwitchBoard OS' - probably an early version of what is now known as multitasking on the iPhone.

The blog explained that 'DVT' stands for 'Design Verification Test', indicating that players are prototype models. Both devices were pulled before their auctions ended.

As yet, no one from Apple has come forward to explain the appearance of the two devices, which have intrigued Apple fanatics around the globe.

Last year, another set of iPod Touch devices with cameras surfaced on the internet. However, Apple refrained from installing a camera in the 3G version of the iPod Touch owing to hardware compatibility problems.

The new images may indicate that Apple has overcome those hardware complexities and has put the prototypes into testing.