Vodafone Sells HTC Desire For Lower Than Nexus One

Mobile phone operator Vodafone is selling the HTC Desire for less than the Google Nexus one despite the fact that they are actually very similar models manufactured by the same company.

The Nexus One has gone on preorder for £35 per month while Vodafone is officially selling the HTC Desire for £30 per month.

In both cases, you get 600 minutes and unlimited texts. However, Nexus One users will have 1GB of mobile internet and webmail as well as WiFi while HTC Desire purchasers will only have half the mobile internet quota and no WiFi

It therefore seems fair that Vodafone is charging more for the HTC Desire compared to the Nexus One. However, we've got anecdotal evidence that Vodafone is selling the HTC Desire for much less than that.

Worse, going to other networks like T-Mobile and you will get a much wider range of offers and prices since all six major UK networks stock and sell the HTC Desire. T-Mobile for example sells it with 600 minutes and 500 texts plus unlimited internet for £25 a month.

Nexus One is Google's first consumer electronics device and will be exclusively represented in the UK by Vodafone.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has recently cut the estimated number of Nexus One phones expected to be sold worldwide from 3.5 million to only one million.

Our Comments

Vodafone is going to face a dilemma as it is the only company that actually sells the two devices. Note that the Nexus one is slightly thinner than the HTC Desire, packs less RAM and comes with a noise cancellation system.

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