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Ecoterrorists Try To Bomb IBM Tech Headquarters

Swiss police have foiled an attempted terrorist attack on IBM's nanotechnology research centre in Switzerland. The lab in Rueschlikon, near Zurich, is scheduled to open next year.

Police uncovered evidence of the plot during a routine traffic stop on April 15 in the Swiss town of Langnau.

Three members of Italian eco-terrorist outfit Il Silvestre, an anarchist group opposed to micro technology, nuclear power and the arms industry, were detained on suspicion of planning to bomb the establishment after a search of their vehicle revealed a suspect device.

Two of the men arrested, Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini, have previously served prison sentences for terrorist offences.

When completed, the IBM research centre will be the most advanced research centre for nano- and bio- technology in Europe.

The arrests have forced law enforcement agencies across Europe contemplate if more attacks of this nature have been planned.

IBM is a massive player in nano-technology and have invested tens of millions of dollars in the sector over the past few years.

They also hold a number of patents and their research on nano-scale technologies including carbon nanotubes could have a massive impact on current hardware.