Google Acquires Widget Startup LabPixies

Google has announced another acquisition this morning, this time, it is Labpixies, a small company that manufactures widgets and apps for several platforms including iGoogle, Facebook and the iphone.

The small team join the Google office in Tell Aviv, Israel; details of the transaction haven't been revealed yet and Labpixies becomes the eighth company acquired since the beginning of the year by Google.

It equals the number of companies purchased by the search giant for 2008 and 2009. Google has possibly spent more than $10 billion on nearly 70 strategic acquisitions and it seems that the rate is now accelerating.

Labpixies is Google's fourth acquisition this month alone and represents a resolute effort by Google to leverage its increasing presence in the EMEA area, even if it means going on a shopping spree.

It is unlikely that Labpixies, whose tagline is "Coolest Gadgets on the web", will continue to develop gadgets for non Google platforms although we bet that they will stick with OpenSocial foundation for applications which is used by all main social networking players bar Facebook.

In a statement on their blog, LabPixies say that "The acquisition is an opportunity to learn from each other to bring more apps to users, help developers and improve the overall developer ecosystem."

Our Comments

What kind of company - other than a news company or one that directly derives revenues from adverts - would carry a leaderboard advert on "Debt resolution" on its first page, next to its logo. Labpixies did it which leaves us to wonder whether Google didn't manage to get the coders on the cheap.

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