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House Of iPhone 4G Journalist Raided By Police

As a part of its investigation regarding the theft of the iPhone 4G prototype, the San Monteo police has raided the house of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen and seized the computers present inside the house.

Jason Chen had uploaded a series of articles on the tech news site which had reviewed the iPhone 4G prototype that had been reported stolen.

The raid comes after Gawker, the company which owns and operates Gizmodo, reported that it had purchased the iPhone from a person who 'found' the smartphone in a bar, reportedly left there by an Apple employee after a field test.

Commenting on the police raid on his house, Jason Chen told news agency AFP that “The officers had a computer and were cataloguing all the items they took from my house. They told me they were here for a few hours already and had to break the front door open because I wasn't at home.”

Meanwhile, in order to make the best of the controversy, Gizmodo, which claims that it was not aware that the iPhone purchased by it for $5000 was in fact stolen property, scanned and uploaded the search warrant from the raid.

Gizmodo also reported that when news of the iPhone prototype broke out, Apple had written to Gizmodo, asking it to return the prototype. The request was complied by the news site as soon as possible.

Our Comments

Nick Denton, the head honcho at Gizmodo, said recently that the site did not make any money but the fact that the iPhone 4G articles brought in more than 10 million page views over the last few weeks and exposed the site to mainstream media has helped break into the top 200 websites in the world for a short period.

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