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'iPad virus' has nothing to do with Apple

Increasingly gleeful reports about a malware attack on Apple's tablet computer gadget the iPad are inaccurate and misleading.

The virus piggybacks on an email targeting iPad owners, but it only attacks Windows systems through Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Nothing to do with Apple software or hardware at all, then.

Never willing to let the truth get in the way of a good Apple-bashing story, here are some of our favourite panic-inducing headlines: "iTunes virus introduced as the first threat for iPad users"

CRN "Backdoor malware targets Apple iPad"

Gadget Venue "Apple iPad gets First Virus" (since removed)

Computer and Video Games "iPad attacked by virus" "iPad targeted by iTunes virus"

Geeky Gadets "New Virus Targets The Apple iPad"

Gadget Review "iPad Virus Discovered"

Tech Radar "Apple iPad users targeted by 'iTunes' virus"

Secure Computing "Backdoor malware targets Apple iPad"

ZGeek "iPad malware already out!"

V3 "Backdoor malware targets Apple iPad" (now amended)

And of course the source of all the confusion, Bitdefender "Warning on early iPad virus"

And just to prove that nobody's perfect "iPad users under attack from iTunes malware". But at least we pointed out that it's iPad owners under attack, not the device itself.