Malware Targets iPad users On Windows Platform

Users of Apple's iPad tablet computer have been targeted by hackers with an email offering a fake iTunes update that downloads malware to their Windows PCs, internet security firm BitDefender warned yesterday.

The company reported on its official blog that several iPad users who also owned a Windows PC had received an email with the subject line 'iTunes Software Update'.

The email contained a link that led users to a fake download page, designed to precisely resemble the real iTunes page. BitDefender identifies the malware as Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY.

It's the first piece of malicious software aimed at taking advantage of the current buzz surrounding Apple's new tablet computer, which has seen record sales since it was launched on 3 April.

Sabina Datcu of BitDefender wrote on the company's Malware City blog that “The figures make it clear as daylight why malware creators were so keen on crashing this promising party. To carry conviction, the e-mail emphasizes that users should keep their iPad software updated 'for best performance, newer features and security'.”

According to the blog, the malware infects a Windows PC's explorer.exe file and opens a backdoor to the computer, allows hackers to access the system.