McAfee To Offer Financial Compensation For Security Snafu

Internet security software vendor McAfee has announced it will provide free technical support and compensation to users whose computers were affected by a faulty security update released by the company.

The update, released on 21 April, deleted an important Windows file, causing the PCs to crash.

In an announcement on its official blog, McAfee advised affected users who had not been able to resolve their problem to call a free telephone number for technical assistance.

If the issue could not be resolved over the phone, users were told they would be sent another software update. If that failed to work, the company would provide users with a CD.

Users who had already paid a third party to fix the problem were told they would be given "reasonable" reimbursement for the costs incurred. The company said it would announce the procedure for claims in a few days' time.

Meanwhile, McAfee has also announced that subscribers whose PCs were affected by the faulty update but who planned to continue using McAfee's antivirus software would get a free two-year extension to their subscription.