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Microsoft Demos Videos Of Office Suite On Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft has released two new videos demonstrating Microsoft Office suite at work on soon-to-be-released Windows 7 Mobile smartphones.

The existence of an Office suite for the phones came as a surprise to many, as it hadn't been mentioned in blueprints for the phone that were all over the internet last week.

The release of the two demo videos is a part of the strategy to promote the launch of the mobile version of Microsoft's Windows 7, the desktop version of which has emerged as the most popular computer operating system software of all time.

The videos show how Office will look on the phones, providing details of some of the features and demonstrating how documents can be edited and attached directly to email.

However, with reports emerging about slow performance from the new OS, Microsoft has already said that the first phones won't carry all the features shown in the videos.

Still, the ability of Windows Mobile 7 to run Microsoft Office applications could provide it with a significant advantage compared to the Android platform or the Apple iPhone ecosystem.

Both rival mobile environments cater almost exclusively for consumers rather than business users and the only real threat to Microsoft comes from Blackberrry and Nokia.