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Microsoft Plans Massive Push In Dynamic Enterprise Software Market

Microsoft has announced plans to expand the market for its Dynamics enterprise software. The company broke the news to the 8,000 customers attending its worldwide Dynamics Conference this week in Atlanta, Georgia.

Upgrades to Microsoft's Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) and Dynamics ERP (enterprise resource planning) were announced, as well as a scheme offering high discounts for customers using both services.

The vast majority of the 22,000 businesses using Microsoft's Dynamics CRM have the software installed at their premises. The online version of the CRM system currently has a user base of around 1,000 customers, mostly in North America.

Yesterday's announcement of support for French, Spanish and Portuguese will enable them to roll out CRM to offices in French-speaking Canada, Mexico or Brazil immediately.

The move is part of a planned expansion into 32 markets worldwide by the end of the year, with support for 41 languages with a mixture of on-premise and cloud-based services.

Online rival currently boasts around 75,000 customers in more than 70 countries.