Nokia Launches N8 Smartphone

Nokia has announced the launch of its first Symbian^3 smartphone, the N8, which the Finnish manufacturer will pit directly against the iPhone and the Android touchscreen competitors.

The N8 has a uniblock anodised aluminium body and comes with 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen (no word as to whether it is OLED, AMOLED or Super AMOLED) that's capable of displaying 360x640 pixels.

As expected, it carries a 12-megapixel camera with a larger than average sensor and a Xenon flash while the Symbian^3 will bring multi touch controls including the popular Pinch to zoom and a host of apps and widgets.

You will be able to record HD video footage on the N8, store that on 16GB worth of internal storage and view it on your HDMI screen courtesy of a dedicated HDMI output.

You can actually boost that storage with a 32GB microSD card and the fact that the N8 is the first phone to come with the Qt software development environment is a significant commitment from Nokia towards the Symbian platform.

Qt will allow developers to shorten the time-to-market window and bring apps out much faster. Expect the N8 to be available in Q3 2010 (that's only 6 weeks from now) from as little as £350 SIM free.

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The phone will come with Ovi Maps walk and drive navigation, Nokia's own free turn-by-turn GPS navigation system, one which covers as many as 70 countries. The phone will also be available in five different colours including a bright olive green and an orange one.

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