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O2 Publishes Details of HTC Desire Offer

Telefonica owned O2 has finally released more details about its HTC Desire offer but has yet to even announce a preorder date for what is one of the most anticipated smartphones on the market.

The team in charge of the official O2 blog published a post today saying that the mobile network operator has had a slight delay due to a longer testing period.

So rather than launching it at the end of April as originally planned they are now aiming for a mid-May launch, nearly a month after the rest of the competition.

The Desire will be available on the same tariff as the 8GB reconditioned iPhone 3G. This means that all customers will get unlimited data, WiFi and texts with the only variation between the number of included minutes.

On an 18 month contract, 100 minutes will incur a cost of £30 per month with £99 for the initial cost of the phone, an additional £10 per month will give you 600 minutes and no initial outlay for the phone.

A 24 month contract will see the monthly cost of the contract decrease by £5. The most expensive deals are the "unlimited everything" one which no limit minutes, data, texts and WiFi.

So O2 is apparently paying the same price for the HTC Desire as it is for the iPhone 3G 8GB. This is a tribute to the fantastic work that Apple has done in the past three years; no other smartphone manufacturers have the capacity to command such a strong value.