Spotify Add Social Features To Audio Streaming Service

Online music service Spotify has announced this morning the launch of a major update to its application which is set to radically transform it from a passive provider into a social network with a music slant, something that's akin to what Myspace was in the first place.

The new application, which is downloadable as from 9am this morning, includes an activity feed which shows playlists created by friends, as well as Facebook Connect integration.

There's also the ubiquitous ability to publish a web-friendly widget that displays individual details like favourite tracks, musical tastes, top artists etc. The new Spotify also brings in shareable playlists that can be published or kept private and there's even an inbox where tracks can be dragged and dropped for evaluation by your "friends".

Perhaps even more significant is the fact that users will be able to synchronise their existing music collection with their Spotify account essentially allowing them to put all their musical eggs in the same basket.

This puts Spotify, as an application, squarely against iTunes. The update will be available for both premium and free users and will be rolled out to mobile customers over the next few days.

There are still no release schedule for the US which means that Spotify is currently losing out to the likes of Rhapsody and the possibility to add to its existing 320,000 paid subscribers.

Our Comments

Spotify is one of the most disruptive startups around, one which has caused the music industry to stop and evaluate its position. It has also caused Apple, the dominant player in the music download market, to start a paradigm shift that will see it shift to a cloud-based version.

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