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TomTom announces capacitive touchscreen GPS

Dutch GPS giant TomTom has announced a new stand-alone satnav system, the first with a capacitive touch-screen.

The TomTom Go Live 1000 is powered by a 500 MHz ARM 11 processor, has an all-new webkit-based user interface and the world's first capacitive touch-screen for such a device.

Previous TomTom satnavs have used less sensitive pressure-triggered touch-screens but the latest offering, which will be in the shops towards the end of the summer, features the same displays which have now become familiar to users of devices like the iPhone.

The new high definition display detects tiny electrical impulses from the skin so you'll have to ditch the calf-hide driving gloves if you want to know where you're going.

Tom Tom has teamed up with Vodafone across Europe meaning you won't have to pair your satnav up to your phone in order to get updates and alerts.

You'll get a year's worth of such services when you buy the kit but, as is always the way with TomTom, you can expect to be coughing up substantial amounts of cash for new maps and the like every time someone builds a new road.