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UK Government Launches Contest To Find Online Security Experts

A competition to find Britain's best cyber security experts has been launched by a UK-based consortium of companies, government organisations and academic institutions.

The challenge, which will include a wide range of tasks, has been conceived with help from organisations in nearly every sector of the UK economy, including the Metropolitan Police, the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers, the Cabinet Office and the University of London.

According to reports, the first round of the challenge will cover network defence, forensics and identifying security weaknesses in web site code. Participants who make it through will go on to the next round which will include several face-to-face challenges.

Judy Baker, director of Cyber Security Challenge UK, said in a statement: “We have to improve the quality and quantity of talented people entering the profession to accommodate escalating requirements. The current system is not delivering enough skilled professionals to meet the cyber security challenges we face.”

Baker added that she hoped the competition would ignite a fresh wave of interest in people choosing a career in cyber security.