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US Senator Seeks Action Over Social Network Privacy Issues

A US senator has demanded action to protect the privacy of users on social networks.

In a letter signed by four US senators, New York Democrat Charles Schumer called on the Federal Trade Commission to set out clear rules governing the way sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter deal with information they hold on the millions of users who visit them every day.

Senator Schumer has said that if the FTC does not have the power to issue such guidelines, he would seek legislation to resolve the matter.

Ever since the social network's Open Graph platform to provide a "personalised experience" by sharing user content between Facebook and partner sites was announced at its F8 developer conference in San Francisco, concerns about privacy have been expressed around the globe.

In the draft of Senator Schumer's letter acquired by Associated Press, the congressman said he found Facebook's procedure for opting out confusing and complicated.

Responding to the letter, a Facebook spokesperson expressed his amazement, and said they would like to explain the workings of Facebook to the Senator personally.