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Verizon Wireless Marks End Of Road For Google Nexus One

Verizon Wireless, the biggest mobile phone operator in the US, will not stock the Google Nexus One as reported earlier today, which leaves Google and T-Mobile as the only distributors of the phone in the US.

Looking back at the official announcement from Google on the Nexus One blog, it appears that Google has all but given up on the Nexus One in the US. The fact that the search engine giant is actively encouraging customers to look at HTC's Droid Incredible speaks volume.

The only time when we see companies referring their own clients to potential competitors is when they're likely to fold up or close shop, which, in our opinion might be what will happen to the Nexus One soon.

The HTC Incredible, the phone which Google presents as a cousin of the Nexus One, is a fantastic phone and a great replacement for the Nexus and it looks more and more plausible that Google actually launched the Nexus One to encourage its own partners to be bolder.

The last paragraph of the announcement, which applauds the "amazing pace of innovation and strength of the Android ecosystem" and the fact that they are "working with partners around the world to bring the Android experience to more people", supports this theory.

Google's message is clear; they need to make sure that the Android ecosystem thrives and that means, from time to time, giving a proverbial "kick in the nuts" to partners so that they react accordingly.

From that perspective, the Nexus One has done its job. It has raised expectations for future Android smartphones, it has raised the profile of the Android platforms and set itself as the benchmark for the rest of the market.