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Android Surging In Global Mobile Traffic

Android has apparently passed the Apple iPhone OS to become the operating system responsible for sending the most mobile data traffic in the US during March, a report from mobile advertisement company AdMob has suggested.

Elsewhere, the report says Apple maintains the top spot for global traffic. When it comes to handsets, Android still has a long way to go, though as there are twice as many iPhones are in use as Android devices.

AdMob's data is only based on the data it gets from ad requests from handsets, rather than total web traffic. The results have been disputed by technology site SFGate, citing rival data from comScores to reaffirm the supremacy of the iPhone.

Then there's the fact that AdMob is in the process of being acquired by none other than Google which, incidentally, is the powerhouse behind the Android platform.

Also, critics have pointed to the fact that the report is only based on data collected by AdMob which itself accounts for 40 percent of the mobile market and relies on an ever varying pool of partner websites to pull primary data.