Apple buys chip firm Intrinsity

Apple has bought Texan firm Intrinsity, a maker of chips for mobile devices. The firm likely had a hand in the chip that ended up in the iPad but Apple won't talk about that. Indeed, it bought Intrinsity in March, according to the New York Times, which has just found out about the deal.

The Times spoke to a bloke who rubbed his crystal balls and priced the deal at $121 million. We'll have to trawl through Apple's next financial reports to find out how near he got. Apple isn't saying.

Apple bought another chip outfit, PA Semi less than two years ago. When it launched the iPad, Apple said it was powered by a chip known as the A4. At the time we thought that chip was designed by PA Semi. Now there's speculation that Intrinsity fiddled with that chip to quicken it up.

The clue is in the relationship between Intrinsity and Samsung, which, according to investigations by Chipworks manufactured the chip in the iPad.