Canonical Reaches 12,000 UEC Cloud Deployments

Canonical, the UK-based distributor of Linux-based Ubuntu operating system, says its UEC enterprise on-premises cloud-based storage system is catching on, despite heavy competition from Amazon's EC2.

Industry experts believe the success is due to businesses preferring a supplier that offers data storage on-premises, due to concerns over security.

Amazon does not offer on-premises EC solutions. Canonical's rival service does - and this could explain why there are already more than 12,000 UEC deployments, with more than 200 new downloads every day.

With Canonical soon to release its Ubuntu 10.04 Long Term Support operating system, it won't be long before more companies put UEC into service.

Canonical CEO Matt Asay says that some of the 12,000 downloads have already been installed, while others are the result of developers downloading it to build around the open source code.

In order to increase the user base of its open source platform, Canonical plans to make things easier for independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver their products on the platform, so they can offer a wide range of software options for end users.