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Datel Given Green Light In Xbox 360 Antitrust Lawsuit

A UK-based maker of Xbox 360 accessories has been given permission to go ahead with an anti-trust lawsuit Microsoft after the software maker decided to stop supporting third-party accessories for its games console.

The Federal Court of California, presided over by Judge Elizabeth D. Laporte, said Datel Design & Development had every right to pursue the anti-trust charges it has filed against Microsoft, but asked it to amend one of its claims which accuses Microsoft off monopolising the Xbox Live market.

The court rejected Microsoft's attempt to dismiss the lawsuit, allowing Datel to pursue a case that could lead to Microsoft being forced to lift the ban on third-party developers, as well as paying a substantial amount in damages.

Commenting on the decision, Datel said: “If Microsoft's reading were accepted, it would be impermissible to use the Xbox with a variety of accessories not manufactured by Microsoft, including televisions and music players.”

According to a statement released by lawyers, Datel is planning to seek a full jury trial, monetary damages and injunctive relief.