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Facebook Gets In Touch With US Senator Over Privacy Issues

Facebook bosses have contacted a US senator who has called for a curb on the social network's power over users' data.

Top executives got in touch with Senator Charles Schumer of New York to explain the finer points of the social network's newly launched 'Graph API', which allows partner sites access to Facebook user information in order to offer them a more 'personalised' browsing experience, reports an article on technology news site Computer World.

Facebook has come under fire following the launch of its 'Open Graph' by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 Facebook developer conference.

Schumer and three other senators wrote an open letter to the Federal Trade Commission, asking it to probe the matter. The senator also wrote to Zuckerberg asking him to protect the privacy of its users.

After learning of the senator's concerns about Facebook, the company's vice president for communications and public policy, Elliot Schrage, contacted the senator's office by email to discuss the company's privacy policies.

Scharge expressed his desire to meet with the senator in to enlighten him as to Facebook's plans, saying: “These new products and features are designed to enhance personalization and promote social activity across the Internet while continuing to give users unprecedented control over what information they share, when they want to share it, and with whom.”