Facebook is transcoding video for iPad

Another heavy user of Adobe's video streaming software Flash is now pandering to the all-powerful iPad.

Everybody's favourite waste of time, social notworking monster Facebook, is now streaming user videos to Apple's second coming of the portable computer with no sign of Flash in sight.

An excited blogger at Mac Stories noticed that the videos were suddenly viewable and suggested that Facebook was now using HTML5, which is the favoured methodology of Apple supremo and arch Adobe-baiter Steve Jobs.

It turns out, however, that Facebook is not using HTML5 at all. The company told ReadWriteWeb that, "All new videos are encoded in h264 format, so we're playing videos natively in the iPad since it supports h264-encoded videos. It will load them full-screen, similar to what it does for YouTube videos."

So rather than using HTML5, Facebook is actually detecting that the iPad's Safari browser is in the mix, and is transcoding the original video format to MP4 on the fly.

Apparently, Facebook quietly rolled out the new system a week ago and at present only new and recently uploaded clips are viewable on the iPad.

Google is widely predicted to be in the process of making its VP8 video codec open source, which will no doubt add to Adobe's woes.