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FBI makes information requests easier

America's Federal Bureau of Investigation has revamped its web site to make information requests simpler and quicker.

The Feds have been adding millions of files under the Freedom of Information and Privacy acts over the past few years but some files are still not available online for various undisclosed reasons.

Now an online form is available with which private citizens can get access to all the information they need to fulfill their CSI fantasies.

There are some caveats, however. You're not allowed to request information about yourself, or any other living individual, even if they have given you permission. You'll have to use an old-fashioned paper form for that.

The updated web site also includes a new guide to conducting searches in FBI records, details about what happens once you have made a request, and instructions on how to get into the organisation's Langley reading room, which we reckon would probably worth a visit even if you don't have any serious research to do.

"Our goal is to make the website as user-friendly as possible - to give people more ways to request our records and to explain the process as clearly as we can," said an FBI spook speaking into his sleeve. "It’s part of being more open and transparent."

J Edgar Hoover will be doing around 3,000 RPM right now.