Google Android 2.2 To Support Flash Natively

Google has confirmed that its soon-to-be-released Android 2.2 mobile phone operating system will come with full support for Adobe's Flash Player software, which has been labelled "old and buggy" by Apple, maker of the rival iPhone.

Google engineering vice president Andy Rubin confirmed the Flash player would work with Android 2.2 but did not specify if Android devices would come with Flash pre-installed, said a report in the New York Times.

Google's decision to support Adobe's player comes in the wake of an Apple decision to ban developers from using Adobe software compilers to create applications for its iPhone OS 4.0, as well as dropping Flash support from its iPad tablet computer.

Praising open source philosophy behind Android, Rubin told the New York Times that it was necessary for the OS to offer Flash support, saying that was what open source was all about.

Rubin also criticised Apple's closed software system, which not only prevents developers from using its software code, but also forbids them to talk about it.

Rubin credited Google's willingness to work with developers across platforms for the impressive growth in Android users, saying that partners could experiment with the Android API to create applications that were truly wonderful.