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Google Nexus One Out Of Stock At Vodafone Already

(ed : A spokesperson from Vodafone contacted us and confirmed that the email was sent by mistake and they contacted the customers affected. He added that they are seeing encouraging orders for the Nexus One and will make sure that they've got enough stock to meet demand)

Vodafone has sent an email to customers who have preordered the Google Nexus One smartphone, telling them that the phone has unexpectedly gone out of stock, pointing to the fact that demand might have been seriously underestimated.

An email received by Gregory from mentions that Vodafone was surprised by the high demand for the Google Nexus One and hopes that the phone wil lbe available within 7 to 10 working days.

This means that some customers might be looking at an estimated time of delivery around mid May. Vodafone Customer Care promised however to contact the unfortunate Nexus One customers to keep them updated about the situation.

What makes Gregory's case even more cringeworthy is the fact that he was apparently one of the first persons to have ordered the Nexus One. In his own words, he was in a Vodafone shop when the press release was released and immediately signed up for it.

Some like Techradar are wondering whether the delay in delivery doesn't have anything to do with a potential glitch in Vodafone's sales process.