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Microsoft To Release Windows 7 For Embedded Systems

Microsoft has released Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system, allow manufacturers to embed the OS into TVs, interactive digital signs, set-top boxes and other consumer electronic devices.

The software giant also announced the commercial release of a Windows 7-based interactive sign, developed in a joint venture with chip maker Intel, that has the ability to recognise the gender of a user.

The sign comes with interactive technology including panning and zoom, touch, and gesture input. The digital sign is intended as an interactive information point at malls, hospitals and other public places.

Commenting on the launch of the OS, Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of Microsoft's OEM division, wrote in a blog post: “Building on the strength of Windows for PCs and Windows for phones, we are upgrading our entire portfolio of platforms and technologies for the embedded market with Windows 7 technologies to better serve our partners and customers.”

It is not known whether Microsoft plans to rename or replace Windows Embedded Compact or CE by this iteration although it is unlikely given the resource demands and memory footprint.

It would be interesting to see how Windows Embedded Standard 7 compares with Windows Mobile 7.