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Modern Warfare 2 team sues Activision

Members of the team at Infinity Ward, which created cash cow Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, are suing publisher Activision.

The 38 complainants, some of whom have since jumped ship whilst others are still on the Infinity Ward payroll, are demanding $54 million in unpaid bonuses.

The lawsuit, which was unearthed by G4TV, has been filed by the 'Infinity Ward Employee Group', is also looking to recover between $75 and $500 million in compensatory damages.

According to the group, the bonuses should have been paid on the timely completion of the Modern Warfare 2 project - which has generated at least $1.1 billion to date.

It is alleged that the bonuses were improperly withheld, despite hitting all of the relevant targets, in order to force the workers to stay at Activision and continue working on Modern Warfare 3.

"Activision withheld the property of the IWEG in an attempt to keep the employees hostage so that Activision could reap the benefit of the completion of Modern Warfare 3," states the suit.